Treah is dead… The planet that once showed off all its greenness and healthy life is no longer as they know it. It's dark and empty there now. Treah floats in the galaxy, among 3 billion stars and comets, completely depleted by pollution, waste and neglect. For years it has been used as a soil for raw materials, habitation, food, and the means to give satisfaction in the endless urge for more. The citizens of this planet Treah are the Mangabots. They live there together with tens of thousands in a society that increasingly consists of inequality, individualism, racism, greed and division. The Mangabots know no better than that this society is the society that speaks the truth, which is the right one and that there is no other life. Until this moment.. More and more Mangabots feel deep within themselves that they no longer want this existence, they realize that the world they live in is created by themselves. The planet Treah has been made sick by themselves. The Mangabots have decided to leave Treah, heading for a new unknown world and building a healthy community where love and peace are most important. They invite you, the human being, to come along and live and learn together.

So, do you want to part of this exeptional journey? Do you really want to make a difference for yourself and the world? The Mangabots salute you, welcome!