Mangabots Treasury

The Mangabots Treasury is a community treasury, owned by the community, the holders of the Mangabots NFTs. This community Treasury is used to fund all we are going to archive together. The main income sources for the Mangabots treasury consist of 20% of initial sales and 50% of royalties. The Mangabots community can use the ETH for expanding our brand, technical support and for funding other fruitful, energetic and meaningful initiatives that directly contribute to our vision. Together we build, together we grow!

<aside> 💡 All funds in the Mangabots Treasury are owned by the community, the holders of Mangabots NFTs and the founders of the Mangabots. In the Mangabots Lab (, the community can make proposals to improve the project. Together we determine what the money will be spent on.


<aside> 💡 See The Lab section and document for more info about the proposal and voting system.